Spiritual Gatherings:** Alpa is renowned for hosting satsangs and welcoming esteemed spiritual leaders and cultural icons to her residence. She also orchestrates larger satsang events in public venues, enriching thousands with cultural insights.

Festival and Cultural Advocacy:** Alpa actively supports various festival celebrations and collaborates with prominent Hindu cultural organizations to promote tradition and heritage.

Holistic Health Advocacy:**

Yoga:** As a certified instructor trained under Baba Ramdev, Alpa conducts online yoga sessions and offers complimentary classes to promote well-being.

Meditation:** Alpa supports weekly meditation and spiritual classes - Rasmay bodhi on Zoom, providing a serene space for introspection and growth.

Dietary Wellness:** Alpa champions the New Diet System (NDS) and promotes a healthy lifestyle centered around fasting, intermittent fasting, and nutritious eating.

Community Empowerment:**

Senior Citizen Engagement:** Alpa has initiated daily recreational and health-focused gatherings for senior citizens in Kandivali, Mahavir Nagar.

Community Volunteering:** Alpa is actively involved in various community events, lending her expertise and resources.

Rural Development:** She is dedicated to providing resources and strategies for the upliftment of rural communities.

Directorships and Trusteeships:**

Alpa serves as the director of both the Sakar Jivanvikas Trust and the Global Kapol Vikas Foundation.

She is also a trustee of the Pustimarg Haveli in Tampa.

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