Senior Citizen Care

Senior citizen care and empowerment is very close to Alpa’s heart. She manages weekly programs and meetings of senior citizen. In these meetings, senior citizen gain scientific understanding of food, diet, health. In this weekly Life Celebration Meetings, senior citizens learn to sing, dance, be happy and celebrate life.

Protecting Cultural Values

Alpa actively participates in projects that give inspiring values to kids. She is a great story teller. She shares her ideas, stories & insights with kids, women and families every week. Every week she meets new families at their homes and share the profound spiritual message of universal brotherhood. Since 1999, Alpa has personally visited almost 500 new homes and met over 1000 women at their home to share the message of devotion, culture, family values and empowerment.

Training Kids & Teens

Alpa has led Sakar Trust’s efforts to organize career guidance programs, empowerment program and language learning programs for kids & teen-agers. She has organized picnics, events and special festival celebrations for kids.

Preserving Family Values

Family relationships are very important for Alpa. She makes consistent efforts to promote the spirit of family unit, enhance sanctity of marital vows and preserve family spirit.

Spiritual Practice

Alpa is a life-long spiritual practitioners. She spends significant time every day in prayer, meditation and reciting special Sanskrit hymns. She actively participates in Rasmay Bodhi Program organized by Sakar Trust and actively encourages everyone to participate.

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